June 3, 2018

Great to see you, Toronto friends

It was great to see old friends and new at our concert in Toronto last night. It was a treat to be able to try out some of the new material for our upcoming album on such receptive ears, and to hear so many people singing along with old favourites like That's How the Summer Slips Away, Prairie Sky, and I'll Fly Away. (Not to mention getting into the fun of some surprise key changes and a persnickety amp.)

Special thanks to Lillian Wauthier and the terrific group of volunteers at Acoustic Harvest who made our time in the Bluffs so pleasant.  And a big shout-out to engineer/sound man/musician/mensch Jason LaPrade, who made everything sound so good. As always.

It was also a pleasure to hear a too-short opening set from the terrific Longview, Alta.,-based duo Over the Moon,  who play tight cowboy-, bluegrass- and Western swing-inflected originals and covers. Do yourself a favour and check them out if they are playing in your neighbourhood.

Thanks again to everyone who joined us Saturday night.

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