August 22, 2015

Coming home to the Black Sheep

Paul Symes at the Black Sheep Inn in Wakefield, Quebec, was one of the first impresarios to book Steel Rail for a concert gig. So it feels right to make one of our first comeback concerts at the Black Sheep on Sept. 13.

There have been many SR appearances over the years, but none since around 2006, when the band ramped down after Dave set out for the West Coast. We're looking forward to being back at the now legendary venue. The shows and the audiences at the Black Sheep are among our favourites, and many SR songs got their first public performances there, including That's How the Summer Slips Away and Belmont Days.

The dark main street of Wakefield was the inspiration for the song Midnight Road, and Martin Melhuish, creator and director of the Telefilm series Four Strong Winds, travelled with SR and conducted interviews with them along the railroad tracks and the Gatineau River. 

Ellen and Lucinda have had many a cup of middle-of-the-night tisane up on the third floor, Tod's drunk many a beer, and Dave has celebrated at least a couple of birthdays at the venue.

So revenons à nos moutons, or at least à notre Mouton. Hope to see our Ottawa-area friends on Sept. 13.

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