January 27, 2020

Bring on the snow (playlist)....

We were thrilled to find out that the influential music site Roots Music Canada included A Thousand Miles of Snow from our first album in their snow-themed playlist last week. Among the other tunes on the list were Jesse Winchester's Snow, Song for a Winter's Night by Gordon Lightfoot, Nearly Midnight by David Francey and High Heels in the Snow by Lynn Miles -- heady company indeed.

Here's what writer Heather Kitching said about A Thousand Miles of Snow:

I’ve always felt that Montreal’s Steel Rail was a terribly under-rated act on the Canadian folk scene, so I welcome the opportunity to feature them on this list.  The trio writes some beautiful stuff – check out Penny Lang’s cover of Ellen Shizgal’s “Prairie Sky” – and their harmonies are lovely.  Also, the trio includes exceptional guitar instrumentalist Dave Clarke, who was David Francey’s sideman during his rise to the top of the folk A-list. “1,000 Miles of Snow” is a charming little song featuring Tod Gorr on lead vocals without the band’s signature harmonies in this case.  It’s a great showcase for that pure-as-a-winter-breeze voice of his.

Thanks, Heather! 

Here's a flashback photo from back when we were recording that album, taken by the fine Nova Scotia based photographer Nance Ackerman. The shoot was in March, but it was every bit as cold as a January day with a bitter wind, as you can tell from the distinctly frozen-looking expressions on everyone's face.

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