February 15, 2015

Warming up the winter night

Thanks to everyone who came out to the Steel Rail comeback concert at Le Petit Campus in Montreal Feb. 7. A great time was had by all, especially SR themselves: Tod, Ellen and Dave.

Steel Rail's part of the bill featured songs that ranged from one of the band's first originals, A Thousand Miles of Snow, to a brand new heartbreaker, Once in Awhile, written by Ellen. Here is the set list from the show, part of the Wintergreen Concert Series.

1. Big Sky Blues
2. That's How the Summer Slips Away
3. Old Forgotten Road
4. Once in Awhile
5. Argyle Street
6. A Thousand Miles of Snow
7. Sorrento
8. Rain
9. Winter Wren
10. Let It Rain
11. Flow River Flow
12. I'll Fly Away

It was a treat to share the bill with musical friends Bill Garrett and Sue Lothrop, whose set featured some fine singing and picking, including The Haunted Hunter, a gem from Bill's 1979 selt-titled album (recently rereleased on Borealis) and a powerful new song about the plight of women in war-torn regions by Sue.
Bill and Sue (along with ace fiddler Josh Zubot) joined Steel Rail onstage for the finale: Dave's song (Just) Waiting for a Train and the country classic Ashes of Love.

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