January 25, 2015

Back in gear

How time flies when you're far from home.

After a five-year break from the concert stage, it's great to be preparing for a show in our home town, Montreal.

Some things haven't changed: the official practice food is still St. Viateur bagels with salmon spread, and at one point in each practice Tod sings Rabbit in the Log and everyone joins in.

Most important, everyone is still writing great new material -- so much that there isn't time to play it all in the Feb. 7 concert at Le Petit Campus. Ellen has been particularly prolific; several of her new songs will be played at the show. We've also been practising a couple of tunes to play with our old pals Bill Garrett and Sue Lothrop, the other half of the double bill at Le Petit Campus.

No spoilers, although  you'll be able to sing along if you like!

More updates soon. In the meantime, here's a photo from one of the January practices.

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